Facing the new normal, many companies have embraced a work from home strategy. Storage of sensitive information is critical in any office setting, so the challenge of ensuring the security of confidential information while employees work remotely needs to be a part of your container plan.  Considering these new priorities, we introduce Jake, Connor & Crew's work from home solutions. Offering compact, "home office-friendly" designs that fit when space is a concern, these container options will allow employees to control the security of their sensitive information offsite.
  • Sleek, narrow design to fit within tight spaces
32G Cart
  • Easy to sanitize. Wheels make it great for moving and home pick up
  • Durable, reusable and great for high volume collection
The Seal
  • Perfect tool to secure and track your shred bag
The Demo Console
  • Desk top container for smaller volumes. Perfect for receipts.
24 e2 Console
  • Standard console ‐ Shorter under desk size.